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by Jamil Koller

About Me

Hi! I am Jamil, your friendly guide from the neighborhood!

I grew up in Zurich but always had the desire to discover the world. Accordingly, I spend my vacations traveling and never visit the same place twice. Since traveling to faraway places hasn’t been as accessible since COVID, I’ve had to get busy exploring my surrounding area.

Outfitted with nothing but a car and Google Maps, I set out to find interesting places around where I live – Zurich. I was overwhelmed by the variety of unique places and have not been able to stop since.

Now I want to take others on my adventures and show that you don’t always have to look far to see the beauty. I offer all tours in English, as I am convinced that my offer provides new insights into the Swiss landscape and culture, which would otherwise remain hidden. This might be especially interesting for expats; however, this offer is aimed at everyone who likes to discover new things and do so in a diverse group of open-minded people.

Upcoming Trips

Upcoming Trips are usually posted on Instagram and can for now be booked via meetup.com

For now I am doing a new public trip every two weeks. If you are interested in a private event or have suggestions for upcoming trips, please dont hesitate to contact me via email, phone or instagram!

Past Trips

Stalaktites or Stalakmites?

Diversity is key This time the group was more mixed than ever. The total of 12 participants was very diverse both in terms of nationality and age. Between 25 and 60, all ages were present, which caused an incredible atmosphere.Caves, caves, caves This tour took us to...

Nothing as planned, but still incredibly beautiful

Nothing as planned Everything was planned quite differently. Actually, we wanted to go on a horizontal alpine hike on the Rigi Hochflue and marvel at majestic views there. Everything looked so promising. The first event announcement on meetup.com was a great success,...

Meet the Romans that harassed Asterix and Obelix

Meet the Romans Like the Gauls in the days of Asterix and Obelix, this trip also had a hard time. A bad weather forecast, getting up early, or other plans for the long Pentecost weekend ensured that we started this trip with a smaller group than expected. This time...

First inofficial Trial-Trip: Gorgeous views + History up close on Etzel – Adventure

Ready, Set, GO! This first inofficial trip led the first fellowship of a diverse group of people to Etzel. Half of the group was made up of my roommates, and the other half were expats from different countries of South America where I knew only "the Bridge" Caua, who,...

Business Development Trip

The first trip wasn’t really a trip but more a nice day working on the Company.




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