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Diversity is key

This time the group was more mixed than ever. The total of 12 participants was very diverse both in terms of nationality and age. Between 25 and 60, all ages were present, which caused an incredible atmosphere.

Caves, caves, caves

This tour took us to the magical world of stalactite caves. We had the unique opportunity to discover the Höllgrotten in Baar in an entirely new way. First, we were allowed to experience an incomparable singing bowl meditation in one cave after opening hours. Then we were guided through the rest of the caves by my cave-loving friend Laura as part of a private tour.


As a preliminary program, we also explored the nearby Lorzen Gorge. Besides a comfortable barbecue experience, some went for a walk, others bathed in the chilly river. At the same time, the rest took care of the fire and the barbecue skewers.

All in all, a wonderful trip that I will remember for a long time.